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Why Reliance?

“7 Reasons Why Reliance Roof Restoration Is The Right Choice For Your Roofing Project”

  1. You are protected by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry bar none! At Reliance Roof Restoration, our warranty covers you for the workmanship and the materials, which means that there are no come-backs.
  2. 100% Transparency – We give you a list of hundreds of jobs that we’ve done, and on request, we can provide the addresses of every job we’ve ever done! That way, you can go and see our work and decide for yourself.
  3. You’ll be treated to exceptional customer service – At Reliance Roof Restoration, we are obsessed with making your experience a delightful one and an experience that you’ll remember (for the right reasons) for many years to come.
  4. Best Quality Products – We could easily save money by using cheaper products, but we don’t. At Reliance Roof Restoration, we only use the best materials and products available and tailor our product selection to your roof type, weather exposure and location.
  5. Outstanding Quality Workmanship – You’ll have a tradesperson do your roof who is fully qualified, highly skilled, and takes the utmost pride in their work.
  6. Amazing Value For Money – No, we are not the cheapest out there. You can’t possibly offer our level of quality and still be the cheapest. We are however, competitive. When you consider our combination of quality, service, and price, you won’t find anyone who offers better value for money. With Reliance Roof Restoration, you definitely get “the most bang for your buck”.
  7. The Ultimate in Peace of Mind – After your roof is restored by us, taking all factors into account (warranty, quality, and service), you can rest assured that your roof is going to be secure for many years to come. You won’t have to worry about your roof for up to 20 years!

Residential Roofing Services From Our Trusted Professionals

Having a safe and secure is important. For more than 13 years, Reliance Roof Restoration has offered bonded, insured residential roofers who pride themselves in quality home roof restoration and roof replacement services that can help revive the look and feel of  our hardworking homeowners properties. Before joining the Reliance Roof Restoration family, each roofer is professionally trained to perform the detailed residential roofing services we provide including customer service training. Only passionate, caring people have the honor of wearing our nationally-recognized uniform.

Quality Roofing Guaranteed.

guarantee-logoYour satisfaction is our guarantee. At Reliance Roof Restoration our professional roofers standby our guarantee that if you are not entirely satisfied with your roof restoration or roof replacement we’ll redo it until you are.

All roof restoration and roof replacement work comes with a comprehensive 10 year workmanship and product warranty which is transferable to the next owner of your home if you choose to sell it within the warranty period.


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