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  • Roof Restoration in Sydney is very unique in that roof types vary greatly depending on which part of the city or metro area you live. The problem with this is that most roof restoration companies in Sydney follow the same standardised process as companies servicing other cities and regional areas (where roofs are different to Sydney), yet roof restoration in Sydney calls for a more tailored approach.

    For example, the process for a terracotta tiled roof restoration is vastly different to how a concrete tile roof restoration is done. Or at least it should be.

    Another factor making roof restoration in Sydney so unique is the fact that the roofs are, in general, much older. And in some cases they are simply too old for a roof restoration. In this case you may need a re-roof.

    At Reliance Roof Restoration Sydney, we offer you the solution that is right for your situation. We don't do a “one size fits all” roof restoration….the same process for every type of roof. If you have a terracotta tiled roof, your roof will be treated with the products and the process applicable for a terracotta tiled roof. If you have a concrete tile roof, your roof will be treated with the correct process for a concrete tile roof restoration. Or if you have a metal roof, your roof will be given the right treatment for a metal roof restoration.

    Most importantly, when your roof is restored by Reliance Roof Restoration Sydney, you'll be dealing with professionals at every stage of the process. At the quoting stage, you'll have someone contact you who is reliable, turns up on time, and treats you with respect. Then when the roof restoration takes place, you'll have a tradesperson who is a fully licensed professional and knows how to do your job right first time. Then finally, your roof will be inspected by our manager who will give you the opportunity to view the work close up before you pay for it.

    You see, our 100% satisfaction guarantee says that you don't pay a cent until you're happy with our work. How fair is that?!

    Call Reliance Roof Restoration Sydney on 1300 300 748 now or fill out the contact page for a free quote with absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

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    Benefits of Choosing Reliance Roof Restoration:

    • 10 year warranty on workmanship.
    • 10 year warranty on roofing materials.
    • Qualified and experienced roofers.
    • Fully insured and licensed.
    • Master Builders Association Member.
    • Housing Industry Australia Member.
    • Restore & Replace over 1,500 roofs annually.
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    •  “Thank you, Reliance, for going the extra mile on my roof. Your workers were excellent and they did a great job. If all work was carried out in the way you conduct your business, there would never be any unhappy customers. I would recommend Reliance to anyone considering a roof restoration or new roof”
      Warren Keir /
    • "We can’t thank Reliance enough for the wonderful job they did. From the first contact, they gave us prompt friendly service with no pressure. The quality of work is of such high standard, and we are so happy that we would not hesitate to recommend this company to others. We chose to have ‘Thermobond’ heat reflective coating applied to our roof and we’ve noticed a big difference with the temperature inside our home”
      Les and Lee Anne Windbank /
    • “From the first contact to the finished job I felt respected, secure and elated with the result”
      Daphne and Allan Hatchwell /
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