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Roof Repairs

Is Your Roof Leaking? Do You Need Urgent Repairs?

Watch these videos to find out if your roof may need urgent repairs, restoration or even replacement.

If you would like to know whether your roof needs inspection watch the video on the left if you have a tiled roof or the one on the right if you have a metal roof.

Why Choose Reliance Roof Restoration For Your Roof Repairs?

If you need roof repairs, look no further than Reliance Roof Restoration.
Whether it be a metal roof (Colorbond steel or Zincalume steel), concrete tile roof, terracotta tile roof, slate roof or Decramastic roof, we have a team member that specialises in that area. You could think of us as your “one stop shop” for all of your roofing needs. At Reliance, you get a qualified and licensed tradesperson to repair your roof. We have licensed roof tilers, licensed metal roofers and roof plumbers, and even licensed painters.

Tile Roof Repairs

If the repairs you need are to fix a leak, having a qualified, licensed tradesperson with ample experience is critical. You see, fixing leaks is one of the most complex and difficult skills to acquire. There are just so many possible causes of leaks that it usually takes a real professional to be able to locate the source.

So many home owners have experienced the heart ache and frustration of having a leak that several handymen have attempted to fix, but failed. I’ve even seen leaks where the poor home owner has had 8 different people attempt to fix it! Aside from leaks caused by design faults with the home, if you have a leak, we can fix it! Maybe your roof doesn’t leak, but still needs some repairs. We can help you with any repairs.

Our Roof Repair Services Include:

Repairs to a tile roof

  • Replacing broken tiles.
  • Re-bedding and Re-pointing.
  • Fixing leaks.
  • Replacing or repairing flashings.
  • Guttering and down-pipe replacement.
  • Replacing loose nails or screws on a metal roof.
  • Replacing rusty sheets.
  • Treating minor surface rust.
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