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Roof Coatings

100% Acrylic Roof Coat Membrane

Reliance Roof Coatings is an Australian owned and manufactured company we acquired in 2015 specialising in a roof coat specifically designed to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

Time Proven durability

The superior quality of the Rohm and Hass company resin used in the manufacturing process produces a roof coating which has high UV resistant qualities and the pure acrylic technology allows for second to none performance in durability, consistency and quality. As roof coatings are continually exposed to the sun and weather only the highest performing coatings have the necessary ultra violet and weather resistance to provide long term durability. The Rohm and Haas acrylic used in roof coatings is based on methyl methacrylate which is highly resistant to degradation by UV and solar radiation and is a major contributor to the outstanding performance of the roof coatings based on these resins. Patented Rohm and Haas additives used in these acrylics promote optimum adhesion and durability and resistance to weathering.

The Rohm and Haas company began in America in 1906 and has since transformed into a large Global chemical manufacturing business with operations in 27 companies. Rohm and Haas manufactures acrylic resins at Geelong in Victoria as well as in many factories worldwide. They are recognised by the Paint industry as the benchmark and market leader in water based acrylic technology. Rohm and Hass acrylics were first used in house paints in 1953 and by the mid 1970’s water based acrylic paints were accepted as superior in performance to traditional oil based paints which have now almost exclusively replaced on the exterior of homes and buildings.

The Reliance Roof Coatings, roof coating also incorporates proven lightfast pigments including iron and other oxides together with specific fungicides and algaecides ensures the finish maintains its integrity and is highly resistant to colour change and dirt collection ensuring long lasting protection and good looks.


The Reliance Roof Coatings product comes from over 40 years experience in the paint industry in research, paint formulation, quality control, and manufacturer with a number of  leading companies including Dulux, Walpamur, Crown, Bristol and Raffles.  The founder of Roof Coat Membrane (now Reliance Roof Coatings)  has acted as technical consultant to a number of paint and texture manufacturers supplying the architectural, and building markets and in the production of the roof membrane coatings used on thousands of roofs throughout Australia.

Choice of Designer Colours

roof colour chart

Environmentally Friendly

Roof Coat Membrane is environmentally friendly and provides a safe environment for water harvesting.

Our Guarantee

At Reliance we believe in the quality of the products we use, that is why we offer our customers a 10 year written guarantee which guarantees our roof coatings will not:


  • crack, peel or flake.
  • separate from the substrate they are applied to.
  • substantially change in colour.
  • separate or come loose from the surface(s) they are applied to.
  • This warranty is transferable to any future owner of the property provided ‘Reliance Roof Restoration’ is notified in writing no longer than 90 days after the title transfer.


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