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Gutter Repairs

Do Your Gutters Need Urgent Repairs or Replacement?

Make sure you do not wait until the next storm or heavy rain until you do something about your guttering problems.

Here are some common gutter problems that can occur of any type of roof:

Blocked gutters or valleys

Over months or years a build-up of leaves and debris collect in the gutters and valleys. In the valleys this can be severe, as if a valley over-flows due to a blockage this can pour water inside the roof. More leaks are caused by blocked valleys than by any other cause.


The first step is to clean your gutters out. Valley seal can be a great solution for valleys. This is a very adhesive Bitumus foam that goes between the edge of the sheets or tiles and the valley, and forms a wall so water cannot push up under the edge of the valley and into the ceiling cavity.

Rust in gutters

Rusting of gutters occurs due to water sitting in the gutter due to insufficient fall and/or leaves and debris causing a blockage and therefore restricting the flow of water.


If the rust is minor, it can be ground back with an electric grinder (with a wire brush disc) and then treated with a powerful rust converter. Shieldcoat’s “Rustshield AL” is a great product with outstanding anti-corrosive qualities. If the rust is more than very light, then replacing the gutters / down-pipes / valleys is the best long-term option. You can see our range of Colorbond gutters and colours.

Gutters, downpipes and general rainwater products are important assets on any home where large volumes of water falls on the roof top area. That’s why Reliance offer a complete range of gutter and rainwater goods that protect the building and collect and channel the excess water.

Is Quality Workmanship & Reliability Important To You?

At Reliance, all of our gutter installers are licensed plumbers or “roof plumbers”. At this stage, all of our installers have been with us for over 12 months (3 installers have been with Reliance since 2002). We know that their work is of the highest standard, it has to be you see before any tradesperson is added to the Reliance family, they must pass our strict screening process. This is your guarantee of a professional job done by someone fully qualified and highly skilled.

Here is brief video of one of our Reliance Roof Restoration teams performing work on a customer’s gutters:

Quality workmanship is so important when it comes to your gutter replacement. Almost anyone can install a gutter, but getting the falls right, the joins perfect, and especially the corners made square and neat, that takes a real craftsman, this is where the top tradesperson shines.

A Clean Environment 

When you employ Reliance to replace your gutters, your yard will be left spotless. All your old gutters, brackets and fixings will be taken away for disposal and we’ll “scour” your yard to make sure it’s left exactly how we find it.

Quality Brand Name Products

We use Colorbond guttering, this helps give our customers the confidence that they can stand behind a product brand and warranty they can trust. You can choose from a large range of gutter styles, from the more traditional colonial styles to today’s modern contemporary designs as well as from 22 designer colours. All Colorbond gutters & downpipes have a full Bluescope Steel warranty of up to 20 years from the date of installation. Colorbond gutters are made with made with a corrosion resistant Zincalume steel base for long life and are available in the full range of 20 designer colours.

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