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Select From a Quality Range of Colorbond Gutters & Downpipes

Reliance let you choose from a large range of gutter styles and colours, from the more traditional colonial styles to today’s modern contemporary designs. Scroll down the page to look at different gutter colours and gutter types you can choose from. All Colorbond gutters & downpipes have a full Bluescope Steel warranty of up to 20 years from the date of installation. Colorbond gutters are made with made with a corrosion resistant Zincalume steel base for long life and are available in the full range of 20 designer colours.

Gutter Colours


colorbond contempory colour chart

Gutter Types

Here are a few of the different options along with which types of guttering suit each style of home:

Quad 125 Gutter

Quad 125

This is a small gutter more popular in Southern states, but is still a good option in Queensland for small patio and gazebo roofs.

Quad 150 High Gutter

Quad 150 High Front

This is currently the most popular gutter used on new homes. It has the traditional rounded look (like the old gutters you used to see on colonial style homes). Quad 150 High Front also has the advantage of having over-flow slots so that in the event of extremely heavy down-pours, the gutter water will over-flow out of the slots at the front of the gutter instead of out the back of the gutter.

Quad 150 low front gutter

Quad 150 Low Front

This is the most popular guttering used when replacing the guttering on older homes. With a rounded front, this is the traditional colonial style gutter.

quad 175 gutter

Quad 175

This is a very large gutter popular on big buildings where there are large spans of roof running into a gutter. Commonly used on medium to large commercial buildings, and some homes.

Half Round Gutter

Half Round

As the name suggests, this gutter is the shape of a half pipe. Ranging in size from 150mm commonly used on houses, right up to enormous gutters used on very large commercial buildings.

Mtype Gutter


This is a square profile gutter which was used a lot on homes built in the 80s and 90s. With over-flow slots, this gutter will never over-flow out of the back of the gutter.


O.G stands for “Old Gothic”, and is a profile of guttering used (these days) mainly on heritage listed homes. This style of guttering was common around the turn of the century on “grand” old homes of well-to-do folk.