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Like roof painting Chapel Hill, roof coating is one of the requirements to ensure better roof facilitation. However, awareness of understanding about the coating appropriateness, materials and installation must be done to ensure roof’s longer lifespan. Consultation on roofing experts will be needed, and not just easily rely on people like roof painter Chapel Hill.


According to Reliance Roof Restoration, here are the things to be considered in appropriate roof-coating applications.

  1. The purpose for coating is to extend roof life by reflecting UV radiation from the roof membrane.
  2. It can be done along with roof repairs Chapel Hill to do restore an aged roof to a sustainable watertight state.
  3. Recoating is done if existing coating depreciates and cannot protect the basic roof membrane.
  4. Using reflective coatings can minimalize sun exposure which can cool down a building or a house.
  5. It can be done to beautify the structure’s particular area where a roof is visible from the ground or an adjacent building.
  6. Using UL coating types can upgrade the resistance of a roof to spread fire flames, which is typical in construction of roof system.

However, these are the situations wherein roof coating is not applicable:

  1. If the purpose is making a bad roof a better one, coating is not the solution nor substitute for replacement.
  2. If there is a standing water on the roof, it reduces the service life of the roof coating like material deprivation, adhesion loss and shedding.
  3. Environments with too much debris, dust and liquid discharge and other contaminants make roof coating vulnerable.


Bituminous coatings

This can be used in roof restoration Chapel Hill metal types

Some of these are:

  • Emulsions- Dark, gray, brown or black in color, this serve as protective or maintenance for asphalt build-up, which can intensify fire resistance of a roof
  • Aluminums- Reflects UV radiation, lower rooftop temperatures, untimed aging and cooling load build-up
  • Emulsion-aluminums- Mixed coatings with fire resistance with filling and sealing properties of an emulsion coating
  • Asphalt cutbacks- Made from asphalt and petroleum solvents, these are used for roof maintenance and restoration
  • Resaturants- Can also be used for roof conservation and renovation with penetrating, rejuvenating and water-proof properties
  • Modified asphalt- Made with reinforcing fibers, it has more elasticity and cold-weather flexibility properties

Elastomeric coatings.

These are more used widely with metal sprayed-in-place polyurethane systems of roofs.  Moreover, these coatings are formulated from the following:

  • Latex/Acrylic- these are water-based types and can be an alternative to other polymer types.
  • Hypalon- generally used for single-pry membrane restorations, it has good waterproof qualities and are resilient to chemicals, fire and UV radiation.
  • Neoprene- made from synthetic rubber polymers that’s why it has excellent elongation and longer recovery capacities. These are used as base coat on Hypalon coatings.


Other Types:


On the other hand, there are also the silicone and urethane coatings which costs more than other elastomeric coatings, but it has greater resilience to ponding water, chemicals, heat and UV radiation.

These coatings are available in one or two component types. On these, single-component is easier to use because this can bring lesser hassle in installation since it is more familiar to be used and applied.




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  • Reliance Roof Restoration Byron Bay can restore your roof back to its former glory with a quality roof restoration. Or maybe you need a re-roof. Or just a repair. That's fine because at Reliance Roof Restoration Byron Bay we do all of that plus more.

    Have you had your roof checked by a professional recently?

    If not, then you need to contact us today and arrange a free no obligation 17-point roof and safety audit. Normally valued at $127, if you mention that you saw this web page, it's free.

    At your free no obligation 17-point roof safety audit, you'll receive a written report on the condition of your roof, and our recommendations of what it needs to bring it back into safe working order.

    In case you're wondering….at Reliance Roof Restoration Byron Bay we don't make up problems that don't exist, or exaggerate minor problems. Anything we find will be supported with photos.

    After your free no obligation roof safety audit, if there is work needed, you'll be provided with a free written quote. At Reliance Roof Restoration Byron Bay we don't use high pressure sales. We put you under absolutely no obligation. We'll happily sit down with you and discuss the pros and cons of having a re-roof, a roof restoration, or just a roof repair. And work within your budget to work out what's the best solution for you.

    At Reliance Roof Restoration Byron Bay we use nothing but the very best quality materials. For roof restorations, we're using 'Roofcoat Roofing Membrane' coating, which is based on the legendary 'Rohm & Haas' resins from Germany that are unsurpassed in terms of their toughness, durability and longevity. For re-roofing, we're only using the best quality Boral roof tiles or BHP Colorbond steel for our metal roofing.

    So call Reliance Roof Restoration Byron Bay Branch or fill out the quote form today for a free quote.

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