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Roof Restoration Cost by State & Region

As a national company with branches and franchises across 5 states, Reliance Roof Restoration has a good handle on the costs of roof restoration by state, and in some cases, by region within each state. Here is how much a roof restoration from a reputable licensed roofer should cost in your area.


Queensland roof restoration costs are interesting in that the roof types vary significantly from South East Queensland to the rest of the state.
The predominant roof type in the outer suburbs of Brisbane, the outer parts of Ipswich and Toowoomba, the Gold Coast & Sunshine Coasts, is concrete tile. Whereas the most common roof type in regional Queensland, and the inner suburbs of Brisbane, Ipswich, and Toowoomba, is metal (Colorbond, Zincalume, or Galvanised Iron).

As a result of the variance in roof types, the price varies too as metal roofs are generally less expensive to restore. This is because they require less paint than a tiled roof, and there is no need for re-pointing the ridge and hip capping, as you would with a tiled roof.
So, what are the average prices across QLD?

For a concrete or terracotta tiled roof, you’ll find the average will be between $23 and $40 per square metre.
For a metal roof, the average will be between $17 and $35 per square metre.

Brisbane Roof Restoration
Brisbane Roof Restoration cost for tile roofs are between $17 and $35 per square metre.

Sydney Roof Restoration cost
Sydney Roof Restoration cost for a tile roof is between $23 to $40 per square metre,
for a tiled roof such as the one pictured.

New South Wales

New South Wales prices are surprising, particularly in Sydney. It could be assumed that, because wages are higher in Sydney and property values are higher (there for there is generally more wealth), roof restoration prices are not any higher than the rest of the country.

This is surprising, and we can only guess the reason. From what we can surmise, it’s because the industry has less (per capita) marketing dominant businesses and more “tradie type” businesses. In other words, a higher percentage of the companies in Sydney are run by tradespeople and not by people with a sales or marketing background. And the businesses are therefore smaller.

This is not to say that there aren’t larger professional companies in the Sydney roof restoration market. There are plenty. But on a per capita basis, there are far less of these types of businesses in Sydney than other capital cities.

In Sydney, you’ll find that you’ll get quotes that range from $23 to $40 per square metre for a tiled roof, and $17 to $35 for a metal roof.


Victoria as an average has higher prices than the rest of the country. We can only surmise that this is due to the weather. The simple fact that, as a roofer in Victoria you have less fine days when you can work means that you have to make more money on the days you can. Therefore, it necessitates charging higher prices. So labour prices are naturally higher in Victoria.

Prices range from $26 to $44 per square metre, from our research. This is for a concrete or terracotta tiled roof restoration. Metal roofs are less common in Victoria so it was difficult to get an average.

Melbourne Roof Restoration
Melbourne Roof Restoration cost based on our research varies from,
$26 to $44 per square metre.

Adelaide Roof Restoration
Adelaide Roof Restoration cost based on our research is generally between,
$29 and $40 per square metre.

South Australia

Roof Restoration is a mature industry in South Australia. This is due to the fact that two of the largest roof restoration companies in Australia originated in this state. And those companies were both founded over 20 years ago.

It’s a state where, much like Queensland, the market is dominated by companies as opposed to “one man band” tradie types.
Another interesting fact is that, because it’s a more mature industry, there are more roofs done. So a large percentage of the roof restoration jobs are re-sprays (re-doing jobs done 15-20 years ago).

Weather is also a factor influencing prices in South Australia, particularly Adelaide and coastal regions.
The average prices, from our research, are between $29 and $40 per square metre.

Western Australia

Western Australia is a market where we expected to find prices less, due to the great weather. The frustrations that cause many people to quit this industry, namely weather, are not a factor in W.A due to the total number of sunny days being greater than the other capital cities.
What we found, though, is pricing fairly consistent with the other states.

The recent mining boom bubble bursting seems to have influenced prices a little, though.
Average Perth prices range from $25 to $43 per square metre for a concrete tile roof.

It’s a little early at this stage for us to gauge regional W.A prices.

Perth Roof Restoration cost
Perth Roof Restoration cost from our research shows that prices vary between,
$25 to $43 per square metre.

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