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Cheap Roofing Quotes

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How To Spot A Cheap & Nasty Roofer & Why You Should Avoid Them At All Costs If You Value Your Home!

Have you ever seen those signs on telegraph poles saying “Roofs painted for $1,650?” In some states they even say $1,200! Well, the first thing to know is that it actually says “from $1,650” when you look closely.

So they’ll come and quote you, say $3,000 (which is still very cheap), and when you question it, they’ll reply with “$1,650 is just for the paint. Your roof needs re-pointing, broken tiles replaced, etc etc”.

Consider this…..

The paint alone costs more than that on most roofs. And that’s for mid-range quality roof paint, not even premium quality.

So how can they do your roof so cheaply?

Well, there are a number of ways, all of which add up to an inferior quality roofing job.

Roof Restoration
After you’ve obtained a permit (if needed) and safely stripped the roof clean,
nail drip edge flashing flush along the eave.

Firstly, the paint is stolen. That’s right…this really happens. A lot.

Here’s how….

The roofer likely contracts to a larger roofing company, and only works for himself on occasion. Every time he does a roof for the larger company, he’ll discreetly keep some left-over paint (which belongs to the company) for himself. Eventually enough paint will be accumulated to be able to apply enough watered-down paint to cover your roof. Remember, though…this will likely be watered-down paint – Not what you want for the longevity or your roof restoration!

Another way these cheap companies can do it is to, quite simply, they cut corners. Examples of ways to cut corners are:

  • Glue up broken corners on tiles instead of replacing the tiles. Glueing up entire broken tiles instead of replacing them.
  • Patch-point the ridge and hip caps instead of doing a full re-point (which is required with 95% of roof restoration jobs).
  • Over-pointing instead of re-bedding when it really needs a re-bed.
  • Not using enough paint.

These are just some of the ways to cut costs on a job. And all of them equal one thing….a job that won’t last.

Look, there are some roofers who can give a cheaper (than the average) quote and actually do good work with reasonable quality materials. However, when the quote is half of what your other quotes are, then that rings alarm bells in my opinion.

I’d ask for a list of some other work that they’ve done. Make it work done several years earlier. That’s the real acid test.

You don’t need to pay a fortune for a good job, and I’m not suggesting you choose the dearest quote. I’m just advising to be wary of a roof quote that’s well below other quotes.

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